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Tambov school#6 has been in MixItUp since 2006

Автор: irinatamb , 24 октября 2016 · 534 views

MixItUp; Tambov school#6
Tambov school#6  has been in MixItUp since 2006 Just want to share and ask you to join us tomorrow on October,25 2016:
Dear Irina,

Thank you for registering for this year's national Mix It Up at Lunch Day! You'll join thousands of other schools participating in a tradition with a 14-year track record of reducing prejudice and improving intergroup relations.

Sitting with someone new at lunch is a simple concept, but it can have a profound impact; social science has shown that positive interactions across racial and ethnic lines can reduce bias and prejudice. Based on surveys from past participants, we know that Mix It Up at Lunch Day also raises student awareness about divisions within schools and encourages students to interact with people outside their normal social circles.

Thanks for making a difference in your students' lives.

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Maureen B. Costello
Director, Teaching Tolerance