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Happy People


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"Happy people... Happy people ... ..." - Anna repeated, pacing from corner to corner of her room. "Silly topic. Stupid essay. Zhanna Victorovna came up with the same. "Anna stopped and looked out the window."Happy People. Who are they? "Downstairs, she saw neighbours. "They can not be exactly poor," - thought Anna, looking at aunt Valya from a neighbouring flat. "She was always crying, always dissatisfied with something,swears at children and husband. Her screams bored around the house. "The girl continued to look at the neighbours` yard."Do not be sick like my uncle Bob. After a terrible diagnosis, he was drinking, divorced with his wife. His children don`t visit him. He only drinks, he drinks and drinks. ""So," - happily smiling, she ran to the desk, picked up the pen and opened the copybook."Happy people - people who have a lot of money that are healthy and that ...." - She thought for a moment - "beautiful." Completed this sentence, Anna set point."There`s the beginning. I can have a rest and run for ice-cream. If mum asks, I would say that ice-cream helps to think, without it essay will not be finished. "Anna grabbed her jacket and ran out of the house.Spring. The sun shines. All blooms. There are people everywhere."And I'm among the people. Someone of them should be happy. It is only necessary to find the man, look at him more closely and to describe him in my essay. Hooray! I am a genius! "- She thought.Sitting on the bench, she began closely examine the people."That one guy just must be happy." - Anna thought about the guy, just left his expensive foreign car. - "Young. Pretty rich. He must be happy. "She decided to take a closer look at him, to describe him in her essay. Suddenly they met views."Oh, the horror! Empty eyes. He looks at the world, but does not see it. He looks through it. No. He could not be happy. He's like a living dead. Hence, the presence of large amounts of money - this is not a sign of a happy man. Money. Money. How many of them to be happy. Probably a lot, but enough. Huge amounts of money consume your soul. And beauty? Beautiful people should be happy "Anna started to look into the crowd of beautiful people. And then she saw a beautiful girl who is clearly waiting for someone. In the distance she saw a guy with a bouquet of wild flowers. He walked toward the girl."She should be happy. She's beautiful and loved. Now they go together in a cafe "- Ann`s imagination quickly drew a picture in which happy lovers walk past her. But what is it? Beauty eyed guy look arrogant, contemptuous and took a bunch and threw it into the trash."How could she? He wholeheartedly gave her the bouquet. He loves her. "Anna tried to see the girl's eyes."Eyes. Her eyes are like glass. She is only a little. She was unhappy, but does not know it. So, beauty is also no guarantee of happiness. Beautiful and happy - this is not synonymous. "The girl began to look into the faces of passers-by. She did not look at any clothes, no matter the age. She looked into their eyes and tried to find a gleam of happiness."Happy People. Who are they? What are they? "

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