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My poems in English


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My native town Krasnouralsk, the town that we live in It's small but very beautiful, we say Its name will stay in our hearts forever Even if we have to leave it one day. There are many streets and many places Which we like and never will forget For example, our Sport Palace And the school with classmates we have met. We are proud of a lot of people Who are known all over the world, Of the famous spaceman Sevastyanov And the bravest hero Kiselyov. Native town! Friends, let it prosper And we hope it will happen one day We, the youth, the future of the town Will make famous its unknown name!

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This story is about the girl

Who is pretty and kind all in all...


My friends, it was spring outside

The girl was born that starry night

When everyone heard her cry

Snow was falling from the sky

And this day every spring, you know

There is usually a lot of snow.


Years passed.The girl grew, I should say

She was brought to the kindergarten one day.

You know, she was a real success!

In reciting poems she was the best!


Life was on its way and was really cool.

After the kindergarten the girl went to school.

Her first day of school. The girl was so proud!

Having entered the classroom she looked around...

She didn't see her best friend Olya here

The whole school was afraid of her crying.Oh, dear!


Her school life began. The girl did her best.

She learnt everything and didn't have a rest.

If something was wrong she did it again.

"Knowledge is power" she said every day.

Her last day of school. If you could see her eyes!

She got a medal for hard work as a prize!


The school was over. The girl was seventeen.

Since she was a child the girl had one dream.

She was obstinate. It was her main feature

The girl dreamt of becoming a teacher.


Her dream came true. The girl was not stupid.

And very soon she became a student.

She entered the Pedagogical Institute

The girl was really clever and cute!


She studied languages: English and German.

You know they have something in common.

The girl enjoyed learning, was really "crazy"

Nobody could say that she was lazy.

Five years passed. She graduated

from the Institute and was vey happy.

The girl held the red diploma in her hands

And was congratulated by her parents and friends.


The girl returned to her school without hesitation

And was friendly received by school administration.

For 14 years she has been working there

And hasn't regreted about her choice, never!


This story is about the girl

Who can be a role model all in all!

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Love story

It is raining again outside

I am waiting for our meeting

The evening is changing by night

And I hear my heart beating.

I am looking at my clock

It is really very late

I can’t go to sleep

I am ready forever to wait.

I am thumbing my book

But my thoughts are not here,

They are really very far,

They are with you, my dear.

I remember these happy days,

Your first kiss I still enjoy,

And your big gentle hands,

And your eyes, full of joy.

We were so happy,

Maybe, too happy or more,

But the happiness was not long,

We heard the sounds of war.

We were apart and dreamt

Of the peaceful life

My remembrances and love

Helped me to survive.

I couldn’t even think

About your sudden death

Because you were my love,

My life and my breath.

The war was over. I didn’t have

By my side anyone.

I lived and enjoyed my life

Looking at our son.

And a miracle happened

One wonderful day,

The postman brought me a letter

It was very strange, I should say.

It was not very long, this letter:

“Wait, I’ll come back to you,

We’ll be again together,

You’re my life and I love you.“

It was your handwriting,

I couldn’t believe my eyes,

The letter was so exciting,

Words of love sounded nice.


It is raining again outside,

I am waiting for our meeting,

The evening is changing by night

And I hear my heart beating.

I am looking at my clock,

Waiting for the bell,

Suddenly a quiet knock

I hear very well.

I’m running to the door

And opening it,

I can’t believe,

It is you indeed.

You are wet and have a beard,

But looking in your eyes

I recognised you, dear,

You are with me, it’s a paradise!

We are really happy

That we are again together,

And our true love

Will live in our hearts forever!

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My dream

St.Petersburg,the magnificent city!

I saw it in my dream

And I enjoyed its beauty

Eating a tasty ice-cream.

I walked along streets and squares,

Admired the Hermitage

I was told romantic legends

About this and that bridge.

Walking in the Summer Garden

I met him, my dear friends

Like the great poet Pushkin

He composed his romantic sonnets.

He saw me and dedicated

One of them to me

It was so soft and beautiful

I fell in love, you see.

This picture disappeared

I was awake, I say

But I will remember

This sweet dream every day!

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Спасибо большое, Ольга! Источником вдохновения для меня являются, прежде всего, люди. На стихах.ру меня нет, но с моим творчеством Вы можете познакомиться здесь, на форуме, в моём блоге "My hobby"("My poems in English","My poems in Russian"), а также ветках форума "Творчество учителей" и "Английский с мамой". :)

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