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Weird jobs

Алексей Конобеев

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I was recently searching for some interesting material to use in class when we talk about professional qualities and future jobs, and came across a number of jobs that are really strange. Here's a short list which you may want to use too:

1. Elephant tender - someone who takes care of elephants in the zoo

2. Hot Walker - a person that walks the racehorses around after a race.

3. Dinosaur hunter - a person who searches for fossilized dinosaurs

4. Cereal box author - the author of advertising on cereal boxes

5. Dog walker - someone who walks dogs professionally

6. Odor Tester - someone who checks if deodorants and anti-perspirants really work as planned

7. Citrus Fruit Dyer - a person who dyes (colours) citrus fruits to make them look better in shops

8. Fortune Cookie Writer - someone who writes predictions to be put inside fortune cookies

9. Fountain Pen Repairer - someone who, well, repairs fountain pens 9some of those pens are very expensive)

10. Wrinkle Chasers - someone who makes sure that new leather shoes have no wrinkles

11. Chicken Sexer - someone who sorts baby chicken into male and female ones

12. Oyster Floater - a person who floats oysters on a barge in running water until they are completely free of impurities.

13. Dog Food Tester - in some countries testing dog food on dogs is prohibited, so there is a professional dog food tester who actually inspects dog food to see if it is good.

14. Whiskey Ambassador - someone who is responsible for choosing only the finest whiskeys and teaching clients the proper way to taste and admire them.

15. Weed Farmer - someone who grows weeds to sell them to horticulture schools and labs so various people can do research and studies in them.


And, talking about weird job titles: in the 19th century there was a position in Royal palaces in the UK that was called a Necessary woman. Can you guess what job it was and what it is called now? the first person to guess correctly will get an audiobook and tasks for it from me via e-mail. The audiobook is in public domain, but I've designed the tasks myself so hopefully you'll be able to use it directly as a listening exercise for your pupils.

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