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Using Authentic Texts


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Pieces of language from the “real world” can include newspapers, menus, magazines, adverts, radio broadcasts, television programmes, websites and etc.

The web is a fantastic resource for finding simple and more complex texts about almost any topic.You will find reviews, articles, and longer texts for your pupils to read.

Because the text is real, the language is not graded, so start with some pre-reading tasks with your pupils.

• Predicting the co ntent of the text by looking at the title/picture/headline;

• Eliciting what students know about the subject of the text, what they don`t know;

• A group discussion about the subject of the text;

• Answering questions about the subject of the text;

• Guessing meaning;

• Identifying key words;

• Skimming – reading for the basic gist;

• Scanning – looking for specific facts;

• Matching key vocabulary – English to target language;

• Matching key vocabulary to definitions in the target language;

• Extract the key vocabulary and ask pupils to put the words into groups, e.g. nouns connected to personality.


Jigsaw texts

Find a text with 5-6 paragraphs. Cut it up and give one paragraph to each pair. They read it and then summarize

the paragraph and read it to the others. They then decide as a group in the target language the order of the paragraphs.

Give them the completed article to see if they were right.

An alternative to this is to summarize each paragraph yourself in a sentence and then ask the pupils to match

the sentence to the correct paragraph. They can then put the paragraphs into the correct order.


P.S. This material I was also found in my university`s notices.

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You should now have a deeper understanding of the benefits of working with authentic texts and the way they can be effectively incorporated into language classes. Authentic texts are all around you—from newspaper articles to short stories as mentioned by australian essay writers online, even tweets and blog posts. Look for them and you will see them; you will find them everywhere.

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