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26 September - European Day of Languages


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ARW lesson plan notes

I have tried to give a lesson using some tips for the enquiry approach:

Celebrities speaking languages

  1. Warm up:
  • Learners are told of the outcome for the lesson: to describe celebrities’ language abilities, how many and what languages they can speak and why it is important for them personally.
  • Learners are told that they will work in small groups on 4 different personalities they can choose from the video:
2. Main activity:
  • Learners work in groups and divide up the research that needs to be done and who will do it.
  • Learners research the information about the personality on the Internet and in reference materials.
  • Learners make notes on the information needed for their assignment.
  • Learners work together to collate all the information they have in small groups. They evaluate the completeness of their research while filling in the table. (Mingle activity)
  • Learners go back and do more research on anything missing.
  • Learners discuss with teacher the appropriate language to be used.
  • Teacher fills in the gaps in structure and vocabulary necessary.
  • Learners write a draft of their sketch.
Peer correction takes place.

3. Follow up:

Learners edit their draft and produce a final draft for the class and the teacher.
These can be displayed.
Extra questions:
- Who speaks Hebrew? (Natalie Portman)
- What is the most popular language among the celebrities we have read about?
- Why do people celebrate European Day of Languages?

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