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Writing in English


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The ability to write well in English is very important nowadays. You fill out various forms, exchange SMS and other messages, chat in the Internet and write letters. And do you think sometimes about your spelling and punctuation? What about your grammar, especially tenses? Were there cases when you addressee didn`t understand you?

Written English is more formal than spoken English. It means that in writing the rules of grammar are observed more precisely, the choice of words is more careful. The style is more elaborate. In oral speech you can correct your thoughts. What you write and send should be correct. Good writing skills are very important.

Good spelling is also very important part of writing. And it is also one of the most difficult fields of written English. There are many spelling rules and many exceptions from the rules, too.

Punctuation rules specify where to use the signs of punctuation. The English punctuation is a little different from the Russian one. You also should know how to make an English sentence. It depends on your understanding of English syntax and its rules.

In addition to the writing skills mentioned above, language learners need to know how to write different kinds of letters: business letters, reports, essays.

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The most basic skill you need to learn for a writing job is grammar. This is your toolbox for unlocking all your writing skills. Grammar must be tackled first, because all the rules that need to be written are derived from it. Immerse yourself in language. Read a lot of good books and try writing your own. Find a good friend, preferably a native speaker. We essay writing service work with a lot of foreign clients and they love to work with writers that they can relate to in a language they are personally comfortable with.

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