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Teacher`s Day 2009


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I went to school as usually by my quick steps. Before entering the school I got

a secret envelope, which was clued by the scotch on the school door. This envelope contained a sheet of paper with beautiful congratulation. When I entered the school I saw that it was so beautifully decorated. There were big posters with pupil`s congratulations, with teacher`s photos from their school years, notes from the teacher`s interviews. There was also the note on the teacher`s room “Inspiration”.

The lesson`s duration on this day was 30 minutes and after it there was a festive programme for pupils and teachers, where took part teachers and pupils. At the beginning of the programme the director congratulated her colleagues with Teachers` Day.

There was a very funny and exciting game “We Are All” between two teams. I didn`t take part in this game, I decided to relax from the performances. I took part in every school holidays. This time I wanted to be a spectator. There were pupils in the first team and teachers in the other. The teams’ names were “DUB” and “BUK”. This game consisted of some competitions; I only remembered some of them: “Dance”, “Poetic”, and “Musical”. This game was lead by two pupils from the 11th form. The judges were director and two pupils from the 11th form. The breaks between the competitions were filled by the humorous scenes, musical items of other pupils and teachers.

This game was won by teachers` team with one score to teachers.

And how is celebrated Teacher’s Day at your school?

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