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English For Pleasure

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Teaching Children to Enjoy Reading


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Ever since I can remember myself, I have hated to read. As a child it was very boring thing for me to sit with a book. Later as a teen, I understood that reading is a wonderful world, which keeps a lot of secrets. Now as an adult, books are a constant in my life and I can`t go to sleep without one next to my bed. Therefore, I want my pupils to learn to love reading, but it is a long hard work for me, because a lot of them prefer playing computer games and walking instead of it. Children read less today in their tongue. Over the years books have fallen to the side. It is such easier to watch something passively than have to work a bit to be entertained. Moreover, it is work to read. Especially, when many children don`t have the skills to read well. Reading is a skill, which everyone has to survive in this world, and how to read in English is also a skill. English became an international language; especially today many professions need the language knowledge. Without knowing how to read in English, survival in the world is going to be very difficult. As English teachers, we have an extremely difficult mission. We are expected in a short period of time to bring our students from a level of non-readers to a fairly high level of reading. This is a difficult task in the sense that most kids only begin to learn to read English in either third or fourth grade. For this most difficult task of teaching reading we are given two hours a week. Well, I would love to see more hours given to the teaching of English in Primary school. Do you agree with me?

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