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How To Be Happy?


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How to be happy? This is the question that most people in the world are looking for or try to answer it. Some say that it is money, because we can`t live without them. The other say that for them success and fame are two important factors to be happy. However, a lot of people don`t feel themselves happy even after gaining all these material things. That again brings us back to the question: How to be happy? The answer is not easy, because the word "happiness" cannot be described in a few words.

As for me, happiness is like a butterfly. The more I catch it the more it disappears. But when I pay attention to the other things, it comes and sits on my shoulder.


And what about you?


P.S.: Happiness Quotes - http://www.wisdomquotes.com/cat_happiness.html

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How to be happy? It's an interesting question. To be happy means to have a friendly and close family, healthy children.Happiness also means to have a favourite job and understanding friends.I'm sure money is necessary but it is not all in our life. And what about you? Please share your opinions... I would be glad.

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