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Money Is A Root Of Evil (My University Composition)


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When I was a student of the 5th course, I had to write compositions every week, because it was very important for my future exam. It was writing-practice. One of them I found in my notices some days ago.

Money Is A Root Of Evil


I can`t say that money is a root of evil. But in some aspects it is so. Every day we spend our money on food, clothing, for other things. We always feel need in it. Some people have a lot of them. They can allow themselves everything, what they want. They "throw it everywhere". To my mind, these people don`t know how to spend it rightly, usefully. People, like me, doctors, teachers are always in need of money. Sometimes we don`t know how to live till the next wage. When we get it, we must pay a part of them for our flat, for electricity, for central heating and so on. Sometimes we have debts, which we must, of course, pay. Finally, we come to conclusion that we have a little of them and begin taking it by somebody again.

I agree with the thoght that money is a root of evil. They bring us a lot of problems. Because of it we can change our relations with people. Now, I would like to tell you one incident. I had a friend, who thought only about money, especially, about big money. It was difficult for me to live with him in one room, in a hostel. When we had no money, he was very angry, he raised his voice, we quarreled with him. Sometimes I didn`t want to live with him, I wanted to move into another room, but it was impossible, because there were no free rooms. This boy had a girl-friend, who also couldn`t communicate with him, and, of course, because of his thoughts about money. He changed some jobs in order to earn more. He always forgot about his girl-friend, waiting for him. At last, he destroyed all relations with me and his girl-friend. The problem was money. Money was an important thing for him, not his friends.

As for me, I need money, like all people, but in not very big quantities. I don`t worry, when I have no money. Money is not very important thing for me. But, of course, I understand that without it we can`t live.

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