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Cooking British style

Алексей Конобеев

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This is something you can ask your children or students to make. Bread-and-butter pudding is a very traditional dish, it's cheap, easy to make and you don't have to supervise the entire process. I tried it in a small restaurant in Scotland and decided that this is a dessert I was going to make now and then.


To make bread-and-butter pudding you'll need:

White bread (what you call "baton" in Russian) - and if it's a couple of days old, it's the best

Butter (surprise-surprise!) - about 50 grams

Two eggs

1/2 litre of milk

a handful of raisins

sugar (brown sugar is traditionsl, although white would do too)

some vanilla essence, either liquid or powder



Slice the bread. The bread should be a couple of days old as it will create teh right texture. Butter each slice thinly.

Put the slices into an oven-proof dish in one layer.

In a bowl mix together the milk and the eggs, whisk them with a fork or a mixer, add vanilla essence and half a glass of sugar (or more to taste).

Sprinkle the buttered bread slices with raisins. Pour some sugar onto them. If your custard is already very sweet, do not put extra sugar on the bread. Pour the custard onto the bread. Sprinkle with sugar on top for icing.

Put the dish into a preheated oven, bake at 180 C until golden on top but still soft and fluffy in the middle. Serve hot.

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