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Similar Words

I would like to pay attention to similar words with the same translation and meaning in two and more languages one of which must be English.

I have been doing these research for many years. I always tell my students that English is very easy to learn and bring these examples connected with similar words with the same meaning in English and Armenian.

For example: English Armenian

am em

team tim

hero heros

door dur

listen lsel


-What about mother/father?

-Mother and Father are a little different " Mayrik" and "Hayrik" but we also have mama and papa or mum and pup.

I hope you know that English and Armenian are in one family " Indio- European". Besides there are plenty of words which have the same pronunciation but different meaning. Do=you, what= foot, talk=lung, me=one,car=stone, bar=word etc.

-Do you have "taxi" in Armenian? I'm told that this word is exactly the same in the most languages.

-The word "taxi" is an American word. It has penetrated into other languages throughout centuries. And now as far as I know it's an international word

-Today I asked one of my students what the verb "bring" means in Armenian and he said "berel". I think there is something common in these two forms.

-How similar are the first few numbers?

-They are not similar but they have something in common. Here they are: "mek, yerkus, yerek, chors, hing, vets, yot, uot, inna, tas" Now I'm sure you can count in Armenian too.

-I have found one more word which has the same meaning and pronunciation with the English one.

murmur - murmurtal ( as you can see they are the same only in my language we pronounce -tal in the end.)

(to be continued)

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