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  1. Часто задаваемые вопросы/FAQ

    Вот ссылка на текст с фото - ( лучше это переведите ) https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1jmg3sasp7vyyq/%D0%A2%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%81%D1%82%20%D0%9E%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B3%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B0.doc
  2. Часто задаваемые вопросы/FAQ

    Добрый день форумчане. Огромная просьба к знатокам Английского языка: Нужно перевести тест жанра — фентези. Прикрепляю файл word — для удобства так как там текст есть на фотографиях. Просьба переводить соблюдая абзацы как в оригинальном тексте ( чтобы я потом не запутался ) Можно я периодически буду еще добавлять текст? ...Hey. Hey, you! Grizzled Passenger Y'all right, lad? You were moanin' somethin' fierce for a while there. Feelin' the effects of the aether, I reckon. You'll get used to it, though, don't worry. You there-halt! What's all this about!? Inspection! Men, search the carriage! I'm just an honest peddler, friend. So, er...don't be too disappointed If you don't find nothln", eh? Mind your tongue, old man, lest I cut It out! Sir, look! Somnus! Honest peddler, was It? Since when do honest peddlers deal in prohibited herbs? You're In a lot of trouble, old man. You'll rot In a dungeon till the end of your days...unless you can afford the fine. Hen, business as usual... Amalj'aa! Amalj'aa! To arms! To arms! Seven hells... Consider this a warning! Now go all of you! Phew... That kind of excitement ain't good for the heart. You be careful 'round them Brass Blades, lad. Bastards'll have the shirt off your back if they fancy it. Like common bandits, they are, only less honest. Thank the gods for sendin' some beastmen to the rescue, eh!? Hey, seeln' as we've still got a long ride ahead, you mind keepln' me company till we arrive? Them young'uns don't much care for conversation, see. Brendt's the name, an' peddlin's me trade. An' judgln' by your unusual garments, I'll wager you're one of them new adventurers. I knew It! Goin' wherever the wind blows, seekln' fortune an' glory now that's what I call livin'! So long as you can avoid dyin', I mean. Ain't no secret that adventurln's a risky business—these days especially. What was it that first attracted you to it? Well, if you ain't Inclined to tell, I ain't about to pry. Might be as ol' Brendf s a chatterbox, but he sure as hells ain't no busybody. We all have a secret or three, don't we? Me? Dozens. An' I'd rather they stayed secret, too which Is why I don't go stickln' me nose where it ain't welcome. Just remember, though: there're more Important things than fortune an' glory. Such as breathin'. Ain't no profit in bein" dead, an" that's a fact. By the by, Is this your first trip to Ul'dah? It Is!? Well then, let this journeyed Itinerant tell you the Ins an' outs of your destination. Ul'dah's ruled by the sultana In name, but as most folk know, the Syndicate holds all the real power. Them and their Monetarist cronies would happily get rid of Her Majesty altogether, but that won't happen while she still commands the loyalty of the Royalists—an' the Royalists are nothin' if not loyal. These factions have long fought over power, throwin' the weight of their wealth against each other, an* they show no sign of stoppin'. 'Course the I izardmen—that's the Amalj'aa—couldn't care less about Ul'dahn politics. They have their own interests, see—an" they ain't afraid to use force to serve 'em. They say war Is a gift to peddlers need breedln" profit an' though It shames me to say it, I'm inclined to agree... Ah. at long last. Behold Ul'dah, jewel of Thanalan. where folk turn sand Into gold! Deep in the sunbaked south, surrounded by the shifting sands of an endless desert, she rises. A solitary rose amidst the dust and rock. A symboL of defiance. Her name: Ul'dah. An' here's where we part ways. lad. I'm off to the markets to deliver me wares, then it's on to the highroad for me. Here. I want you to have this by way of thanks for puttin' up with me prattle. You never did tell me your name, though. Hey, but here's an idea... Become the sort of storied personage I can brag about havln' met, an' I'll consider us square. Oi, 'venturer! Over here! Wymond Aye, I mean you. Fresh off the carriage, by any chance? Eh? How can I tell? Heh! Name's Wymond, an' my business is knowin' every bugger else's! Now then, what if I was to offer you some invaluable advice by way of welcome to our fair city? Free of charge, even—just this once, like. Welcome to Ul'dah, the shining beacon of prosperity rising from the deserts of Thanalan. Please select the control scheme you wish to use. Tis plain to anyone with eyes that you don't know your way around here. If I let you go wanderin' off down the nearest dark alley, you're certain to get mugged or worse, an' I don't want that on my conscience. So before you do anythin' else, you'll want to head over to the Quicksand, an' speak with Momodi. She's the master of the Adventurers' Guild, an' can set you on the right path. Just take those steps over yonder an' pass through the double doors. You'll find her inside. ...An' that's as much as you're gettin' for free. Good luck with the adventurin', adventurer. Why, hello there! Who might you be? If you're lookin' to join the Adventurers' Guild, you've come to the right place. Name's Momodi, and I own this fine establishment, if it please you I also manage the Adventurers' Guild here in Ul'dah. So you might say that lookin' after green adventurers like yourself is my vocation. And lucky for you that it is. Without someone like me to steer you right, you'd soon find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, caught up in business you don't understand. Like out conflict with the Amalj'aa, for example. They've been plaguin' the sultanate for nigh on, oooh... forever now. Then there's the Garlean Empire. None can say for sure what they're plottin' these days, only that they are. Aye, the people drink and make merry...but underneath it all, there's worry. Worry and a lingerin' feelin' of loss. And little wonder. It's scarce been five years since the lesser moon cracked open like a giant egg, releasin' an abomination intent on turnin' the realm into an eighth hell... So much was lost in the blink of an eye. 'Twas like the end of the world had come at last. But then things begin to get foggy. Everyone's got their own version of what happened next—some of 'em, two or three... You'd think people would remember somethin' like that—but the fact is, they don't. Nobody does. There is one thing the survivors agree on, though: the part played by a band of adventurers who laid down their lives for a realm that wasn't their own. They fought valiantly, and like so many others, they never returned. Deeds worth rememberin', I'm sure you'll agree. It's just a shame our recollections of those brave heroes are as jumbled as those of the Calamity itself. Whenever we try to call their faces to mind, it's like they're standin' between us and the midday sun, permanently silhouetted... I'll bet that sounds poetic to you, doesn't it? Well it's not. It's bloody infuriatin'. But even if we can't remember them, we'll not let 'em be forgotten, and so we call 'em the Warriors of Light. And they'll forever stand as a shinin" example of what adventurers can achieve. That's why I welcome new arrivals like yourself to our fair city. All I ask is (hat you lend a heipin' hand, and try to leave Ul'dah in a better state than you found her. If you can promise that, I'd be happy to let you join the guild. All right, then! A promise is a promise, now! I'm countin' on your help lo put the past behind us. We need people workin" and spendin' and bickerin* like the old days! And a happy and prosperous UI'dah means more business for the Quicksand, too! Anyroad, let's make this official. Go ahead and write your name in the register—neat as you can. ...Dfffdfd Dfdfdf. Well, ain't that a charmin" name. Just rolls off the tongue, it does. All right, Mister Dfdfdf! On behalf of the Adventurers' Guild, I officially— Please, sir, be merciful! Twelve as my witness, I swear to you, I'll bring you your money! Debt Collector In the East, it is said that even a merciful god might be driven to vengeance if thrice blasphemed. Be grateful you were given a fourth chance to offend. You two, attend to this scum. Momodi Well, ain't that a sotty sight. Nor an uncommon one, if I'm honest. Don't worry, though—if you work hard, I doubt you'll end up like him. |ust the same, if you ever need a bit of advice about one thing or another, pay me a visit. Just don't go botherin' me every time you stub your bloody toe, all right? 'Course, I do enjoy hearin' tell of a gentleman's woes with the womenfolk from time to time... Anyroad, welcome to Ul'dah, Dfffdfd! Take a moment to catch your breath, and I'll teach you a little about our fair city. Before you go chargin' off to find your fortune, I've a few basic tasks I'd like you to perform so as to help you get to know the place. First of all, I want you to visit the Aetheryte Plaza. To get there, head west from here till you reach Emerald Avenue, then look to the north. You should see a giant, floatin' crystal called an aetheryte. If it weren't for aetherytes, travelin' around Eorzea would be a damn sight more troublesome than it is. 'Course, you still need to attune with 'em before you can use 'em, so be sure to do that with the one in the plaza. You ever attuned with an aetheryte before, Dfffdfd? If not, just lay your hand on the thing and you'll see what I mean. When you've done that, I want you to pay a visit to the Thaumaturges' Guild, over at Arrzaneth Ossuary. Assumin' that scepter ain't just for show, you might consider trainin' there. And finally, I want you to visit the Sapphire Avenue Exchange, over on the Steps of Thai. Goods from all across Eorzea and beyond turn up there every day. You'll have no trouble findin* armor, weapons, or am/thin* else a fledglin' adventurer like yourself might need. You might say that everything for sale here in Ul'dah—as long as you've got the gil. Just make sure as you don't pay more than you ought, Dfffdfd. There's plenty as won't scruple to swindle unsuspectin' foreigners like yourself, 'specially rf they think no one's lookin' out for their best interests. Which is why I'm givin' you this letter. When you visit the exchange, find a gentleman named Seseroga and give it to him. He'll be happy to tell you about the markets once he's read it. In short, then: visit the Aetheryte Plaza, the Thaumaturges' Guild, and the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Simple. Oh, but before you go, a word of advice: while there're more than a few unsavory characters out there who'll try to take advantage of you, there are also some with honest-to-goodness problems who you should consider nfforin' a hplnin" hand In A lot of folk are lured to this city by the promise of wealth and power. What many of 'em fail to realize is that instead of chasin' after gil the moment they get here, they ought to be makin' friends. Let it be known that you're willin' to give as much as you get, and opportunities will come your way. And that's all from me. It's past time you got goin'. Oh, and let me know when you've finished, will you? That way, I won't spend my days worryin' that you're down to your smallclothes without a gil to your name.