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    ГАПОУ "Орский медицинский колледж" филиал г. Медногорска
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    г. Медногорск
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    Оренбургская область
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    10-20 лет
  1. Daily English Challenge

    I fully agree with gus.
  2. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 19 1. She is a popular advice columnist (journalist / commentator). 2. Massage the back counterclockwise (anticlockwise). 3. July the 4th is a legal (bank) holiday. 4. All T-shirts are in the hope chest (bottom drawer). 5. Cover the dough with plastic wrap (shrink wrap) and leave to cool. 6. Are you going to wear your blue sweater today? 7. Look, there's a crossing guard (lollipop man / school crossing patrol) coming, children are going to cross the road in a moment. 8. Is the liquor store (off-licence) still open? 9. It's time to walk the baby, please get the stroller (buggy / pushchair) ready. 10. We'll need some self-rising flour (baking powder) for the cake.
  3. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 18 1. As (since) the trains were on strike, she was late for work. 2. (Al)though she got a good deal, she still was not happy. 3. Contrary to the latest gossip about the couple's divorce, the actress is still (obviously) very much attached to her husband. 4. As (since) I didn't receive your message, I had to make the decision myself. 5. Jane thought everything was clear, but Mike didn't.
  4. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 17 All the members of the family get on well with each other. (have a good relationship with) It’s hard to catch up with her when she walks. (go as fast as) Beware of pickpockets when you walk along this tourist street. (be careful about) I’ve decided not to put up with such immature behaviour. (tolerate) We’ve run out of paper in the office. (have none left) The CEO has asked us to cut down extra expenses. (reduce) The head teacher can never turn aside from her responsibilities. (not avoid)
  5. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 15 1) They’re probably planning a quiet evening together; I know they won’t guess what we have done. 2) By the time we’ll have finished, everybody will have eaten and drunk as much as they can. + 3) The other sixty guests should arrive before Helen and John.
  6. Daily English Challenge

    1. Although live-in household staff continued to be the norm in America up until the 1920s, their numbers had started to decline in Europe much earlier. 2. For the last hundred years, the separate tier of a British wedding cake has been supported by pillars, although more recently, upturned champagne glasses are chosen by some couples as a variant. 3. From the sixteenth century, women seem to carve (to be carving) meat at British tables, though by the mid-nineteenth century, carving at formal meals had been carried out mainly by servants.
  7. Daily English Challenge

    1. In all my life, I've never spoken to someone who is so stupid. 2. This is the only occasion that I’ve seen him wearing a tie. 3. Since he lived here, he's usually been extremely friendly. 4. They’ll join us after they get a bite. 5. He says he hasn’t yet come to a final decision.
  8. Daily English Challenge

    Julia wasn't way bothered by the loud music coming from her neighbor's house.
  9. Daily English Challenge

    1. Do you think Vicky’s always known the truth about us? - correct 2. That’s been the second time you’ve forgotten to post something for me. - That's the second time you've forgotten to post something for me. (Sorry!) 3. I haven’t seen Michael since he begins seeing his new girlfriend. - I haven't seen Michael since he began seeing his new girlfriend. 4. Ever since we met, you never asked me what I prefer to do. - Ever since we met, you've never asked me what I prefer to do. 5. I don’t think Peter and Helen have seen much of each other of late. - correct
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  11. Здравствуйте, Елена Николаевна. Скажите, пожалуйста, планируется ли создание лексического минимума, на базе которого будут строиться задания обязательных в будущем ОГЭ и ЕГЭ по иностранному языку?
  12. Вебинары в январе 2017 года

    Здравствуйте! Подскажите, пожалуйста, где можно найти презентацию к вебинару ои 31.01.2017 года?