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  1. Вебинары и онлайн-тренинги в июне 2019

    Спасибо, что предупредили. С уважением Ковалёва Любовь Валентиновна
  2. Daily English Challenge

    Всех с наступающим новым Учебным Годом! Любви к деткам, терпения, здоровья и хорошего настроения на предстоящие 9 месяцев! Даже и не заметите, как Лето придет!!!
  3. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 40 Oh, I'm sorry. I've made a mistake..... 3) EXCITE
  4. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 40 Which word in each list cannot collocate with the word in CAPITAL LETTERS? 1. difficulty, knowledge, opportunity, problem, need ARISE - "to come into being, appear" ...... KNOWLEDGE 2. have, need, draw, receive, pay, seek ATTENTION - "the act of keeping the mind closely on smth".......SEEK 3. attract, give, lose, feign, develop, excite INTEREST - "a feeling of curiosity or concern about smth"......INTEREST 4. an exam, a law, the time, judgement, control PASS - "to move beyond a person or place".........CONTROL 5. inflict, repair, take, assess, cause DAMAGE - "harm or loss due to injury to a person's reputation or to property"......TAKE
  5. Daily English Challenge

    Hi 'eggalina'! I agree with you! More than that, having looked through my dictionary I read "SCALE" means 1) измерить (рыбу) 2) шкала (термометра) 3) скалолазание ( это подошло к Человеку - Пауку)
  6. Daily English Challenge

    To Mr. Radislav Millrood My strategy to guess the word in Challenge 34 was very simple. I looked at these three subjects " Fish, Thermometer and Spider" and tried to associate them... Variants were different but the word "scale" was the only common feature. Thanks a lot for the interesting task!
  7. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 35 Fill in the gaps with the correct idioms. Change the grammar form of the idiom if you need. Idioms: to pull one's socks up, to call it a day, to come out of the blue,, to ring the bell, to talk shop, 1. The corporate party was extremely boring, we went out to a pub and Talked Shop all the time. 2. Wow, we've done a lot of work! Shall we Call It A Day? 3. The news that the new CEO is going to resign after only a month with us has Come Out Of The Blue. 4. He has not been doing much in class. He'd better Pull His Socks Up if he wants to pass the exam. 5. I don't remember having ever met her, but the name certainly Rings The Bell.
  8. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 34 For Mr. Radislav Millrood - Fill in each of the three blanks using one and the same word: SCALE!
  9. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 33 Use one and the same word to fill each of the blanks -DUCK! 1. The firefighter rushed into the flames like a ____ to water. (Like a duck to water - чувствовать себя как рыба в воде) 2. This I'd not the first time the young offender has been caught red-handed, but all the previous punishments were for him like water off a ___'s back. (Like water off a duck's back - как с гуся вода) 3. The interview was supposed honest and difficult for the minister, but the old politician managed to ____ each and every really difficult question. 4. In this open field the soldiers were like a sitting ___ for the enemy. (A sitting duck - легкая добыча) 5. They started the project anyway even though they suspected it was a dead ___ . (Dead duck - гиблое дело)
  10. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 33 Use one and the same word to fill each of the blanks The answer is "DUCK"
  11. Daily English Challenge

    #32. Винокуров А.М. "Англо-русский словарь идиом" ("Мартин" Москва 2014) В школе ребятам нравится "копаться" в таком словарике! Спасибо за такое интересное задание! 1. b ) hot potato - нечто неприятное (чем приходится заниматься) 2. c) add insult to injury - наносить новые оскорбления 3. a) at the drop of a hat - немедленно, безотлагательно, быстро 4. a) ball is in your court - очередь за вами, ваша очередь 5. a) burn the midnight oil - засиживаться за работой допоздна 6. c) give the benefit of the doubt - поверить на слово,отбросить сомнения 7. a) it takes two to tango - 8. d) not playing with a full deck - 9. d) hit the nail on the head - правильно угадать, попасть в точку 10. c) barking up the wrong tree - идти по ложному следу, обвинять кого-либо не по-адресу
  12. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 31 1. loitered 2. limped 3. strolled 4. tramped 5. leapt
  13. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 30 1. Blinked 2. Umpire 3. Disused 4. Councillor 5. Morales 6. Shade 7. Electrical
  14. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 29 Which of these expressions is NOT a natural collocation? 1. take / have / Study / go to lessons 2. do / read / study / Make a subject at university 3. get / take / do / Read a degree 4. pass / take / Lose / fail / do an exam 5. private / further / higher / Lower education
  15. Daily English Challenge

    Challenge # 25 Choose the right word 1. After years of living next door to a very noise family we decided to look for a _____________________ house. c) detached 2. This flat is ______- for rent for the next two months. d) available 3. This is a _______ house with a lot of space for all the family. a) three-storey 4. This flat is only available for a __________ let. d) short-term 5) The flat I've rented is _______ furnished, there is no need to buy any furniture. b ) completely 6) If you take this job, you get _______ free. c) board and lodging 7) I am currently living in the university _____ for the duration of the course. b ) hostel of residence