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Miss Teacher

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    МБОУ СОШ №1
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  1. Упс)) не заметила, спасибо за подсказку) Быстренько исправляюсь: There was a young cat of Haifa Who never slept all his life. He said:”When I die I’ll sleep all the time!” What a strange young cat of Haifa! There was an old lady of Rome Who had forty cats at her home. Every day they gave concerts From sunrises till sunsets. They made happy all people in Rome.
  2. Ну, и я внесу свою лепту)) There was an old man of Great Britain Who had an old hat all moth-eaten. Once he put the hat on, Thought he was so bang-on, People thought he was badly beaten! There was a young lady of Japan, Who wrote hieroglyphs with a pen. ‘Take the brush and the paint,’ Said a grey-haired saint. But the lady used a felt-tip pen. There was a young man of Beirut Who knew all the languages good. He could say “Thank you, Hello, See you” What a clever young man of Beirut!
  3. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Welcome to the land of snow Where the coldest winds blow But you'll also have some fun Skiing, skating till you're spun!
  4. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    How lucky you are to have sun shining bright! We have minus 18 today and it's not right
  5. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    But there are some cruel men who begin the war again((
  6. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Let's hope for peace all around the world And save it with every beautiful word
  7. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Make love not war, they say And everything will be OK...
  8. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Thank you very much, my friend! Also have a nice weekend!
  9. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Let a hot woman today wish you St.Valentine's Day!
  10. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Besides, what can the gold ring give to you? Only glitter... that's the clue!
  11. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    It's better to have a full stomach of food that's really useful and sounds so good!
  12. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    He sold the ring at the fair And bought a table and a chair...
  13. Brief Verse (Couplets)

    Leave your hummer for summer 'cos it's nearly spring so let's call a plumber to help our poor King
  14. КАК ОТСТОЯТЬ УЧЕБНИК. Документы учителя

    И у нас сложилась такая же ситуация. Конечно, мы могли бы отстаивать свои права, но это чревато многочисленными проверками и недовольством администрации школы.
  15. КАК ОТСТОЯТЬ УЧЕБНИК. Документы учителя

    Спасибо, Алексей Васильевич! Теперь можно попытаться отстаивать свои права на основании всего вышеизложенного.