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  1. Help me if I did the assignments correctly1. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER1.- “Miriam is looking for a job” Rosina said that Miriam was/were looking for a job.2.- “I moved to a better flat” Robert said that he has /had moved to a better flat.3.- “I haven’t eaten for two days” Elisa said that she didn’t eat /hadn’t eaten for two days.4.-“Barbara got married last month” John said that Barbara had got /has got married the previous month.5.-“Jennifer will miss the train” Lorenzo said that Jennifer would miss/missed the train.6.-“My dog can run very fast” Alice said that her dog ran /could run very fast7.-“Henry has send the email” Joanna said that Henry had sent/was sending the email.8.-“Mary cooks lunch at home” Steve said that Mary cooked/has cooked lunch at home. 2. Rewrite the following sentences into Reported Speech.1.- “Julia hates getting up early “ said Margaret.Margaret said that Julis hated get up early2.- “I don’t know your address” said George.George said that he wasn't know my address3.- “Patricia is tidying her bedroom” said Julieta.Julieta said that Patricia was tiding her bedroom4.-“This soup is too cold” said Daniel.Daniel said that that soup was too cold5.-“Martha has fallen from this tree” Louis said.Louis said that Martha had fallen from that tree6.-“Our mother is driving the car now” Anne said.Anne said that our mother was driving the car then