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  1. Как я люблю свою работу, детей! Я счастливый человек! (А если бы убрать огромное количество бумажной работы, то я была бы самой счастливой, не хватает времени на общение с учениками!)

    1. Dzyliya


      Ах если бы было часов 48 нам Господом в сутках дано! Сколько можно было бы сделать!!! Увы, нам только мечтать суждено!

  2. Забросила свои лимерики на страницу в Контакте.
  3. I agree with Zvizda. It was the very interesting contest. Teachers are so creative people!!! This contest has proved it. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to take part in it. Thank you very much to the colleagues for their amazing limericks!
  4. The cat was free. It was sitting in the tree. He wished the mouse to see but they said it was travelling by the sea. So the cat had to catch a flying bee.
  5. The day was cool and the cat decided to swim in the pool. The dog thought that he was a goon. "The river will be warm soon. May be the cat is affected by the Moon?"
  6. The cat was eating some meat Suddenly he saw the master's feet! The cat did not want him to meet. So he had to do a great leap. The cat thought it was his life's feat.
  7. One day the cat Mary was too merry. The cat Bob asked her to marry. She went to her sweetheart using the ferry But before she had bought a big berry!
  8. The cat had a dream. Wnen he awoke he was full of a great bean! He wanted to be like a bright beam. That's why he used a little cream but when he took the mirror he made a scream!!!
  9. Thanks a lot for your attention to my limericks. I suppose that that everybody knows that there is the difference of the sounds(the length) in the words duck park. In my opinion the words (watch - match) have the last similar sound. Vladislav I am not a poet. I am so tired old teacher. I do not ask anybody to guess that my limericks are ideal.I only wanted to take part in the contest and I did it. That's all. I wish you to be the winner although there are two women the best ones! They have written wonderful limericks.
  10. Лимерик (поэзия) [править | править вики-текст] Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии.Традиционно лимерик имеет пять строк, построенных по схеме AABBA, причём в каноническом виде конец последней строки повторяет конец первой.
  11. Лимерик (поэзия) [править | править вики-текст] Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии Традиционно лимерик имеет пять строк, построенных по схеме AABBA, причём в каноническом виде конец последней строки повторяет конец первой!!
  12. The "Titul" had announced an unusual contest. The cat had idea and great interest. He wanted to write a limerick himself He read all the books from mother's big shelf. The wise cat wanted to be one of the best!
  13. The cat was walking in the park. He had a jar with magic mark "Who drinks this juice Will always be in use" Nobody wanted it so the cat watered the bark.
  14. The cat decided the championship to watch, In order not be late he bought a golden watch. But on the way they gone away. So confused cat had to buy another watch.