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Friends. parents and teachers. I could not open a new topic and had to write here. The fact is that the first round of the FLEX program for schoolchildren of the 8th, 9th, 10th grades has now started. I will not explain for a long time, I'll give you links. My daughter won this contest a few years ago and spent a free year in the United States and studied in the host family. Pass in your schools that children - not only honors pupils and not only pupils of schools with in-depth study of foreign languages can take part. I especially ask the teachers to familiarize the pupils about this possibility, especially the children with leadership abilities, regardless of income and health status (except somatic diseases .According to pinoy network, It is important that children with musculature disorders, deaf and blind, with other physical and cosmetic features can go) Believe mother. that they come from there as big patriots, than if they lived here. Because they take only the best from the American school and the family way and learn to love their country, as they have to talk a lot about their country of good. About my family. They live in foster families and often change for the better beyond recognition.

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