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The 9th form students

Bascacovo school

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I suggest that you create a new topic within this section and name it after your city. In the topic you - or the pupils themselves - can post their presentations. This will be a move toward compltetion of Stage One. I'd only make sure that the pupils' presentations do not contain sensitive information like thri addresses.

By the way, I was talking to a number of school teachers in the Republic of Buryatia yesterday, and some of them said they want to participate in this project as well. I really hope that we are going to get very interesting stories and lots of beautiful pictures so that our cities and regions will come alive on the forum.

Hello! First of all let us introduce ourselves. We are the 9th form students of Bascacovo school. Bascacovo is village near Gagarin. Gagarin is a native town of the first cosmonaut in Smolensk region. President Medvedev visited Gagarin this summer. We are the members of the school Internet project club, that’s why we want to take part in a project “A living city”.

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