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Increasing motivation, teaching grammar and vocabulary, and developing multimodal competence via graphic novels and comics

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Добрый день!

I want to share a recent study I did on the use of graphic novels and comics as a multimodal pedagogical resource in the Russian as a foreign language classroom. The study was conducted in a private English-medium school in Moscow. The teacher used a number of activities with the comics and the results were fantastic. The study focuses on Russian as a foreign language (РКИ) but it's relevant for all teachers, including English teachers, especially now with the coronavirus situation and online lessons. Digitally, the following platforms can be used alongside the activities from the study:

Storyboard That!



Comic Life

If you have any questions about using these, please feel free to ask. 

The study is also accessible online via this link:


Please share with your teacher colleagues. I hope many will find the study useful and benefit from it.

Comics as a multimodal resource and students willingness to communicate in Russian.pdf

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