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KET Practice Tests:  SB+CD (no key)

NEW KET Practice Tests:  SB+CD (no key)
Автор Richard Chapman
Издательство ELI English
ISBN 978-88-536-0130-8
Вес, г 346
Размеры 29,7 x 21 см
Количество страниц 116

The volume helps students to know what you have to do and how to do it, in order to succeed in this examination.

New KET Practice Tests contains full tests designed to help students prepare for all parts of the Cambridge ESOL revised KET examination. The tests have been carefully tailored to provide authentic exam preparation material. Practical suggestions in the Hints and Tips section help students prepare and improve their exam techniques, whilst in Tricks of the Trade, invaluable advice is given for every aspect of the exams.

New KET Practice Tests
The ‘with answer key’ edition is ideal for self-study, whilst the ‘without answer key’ edition is available for classroom use. In this case, a separate booklet contains the answer key. Complete with visual material and 2 audio CDs for speaking and listening preparation.

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